Huel black edition
A meal that is both high in protein and nutrient-dense is Huel Black Edition. Compared to Huel Powder, each 400-calorie serving has 50% fewer carbohydrates and 33% more protein while still providing all 26 of the critical vitamins, minerals, lipids, and phytonutrients.
Huel Black

Huel Black Edition is a nutritionally complete meal that contains 400 calories, a healthy quantity of fibre and lipids, and a low GI in a two-scoop serving. Also with the new formula you have Kombuchar. Vitamins B can be found in kombucha, while antioxidants like catechins can be found in green tea extract. Probiotics may have a variety of positive impacts, many of which are related to gut health.

Black edition has substituted oats with tapioca, to decrease carbohydrates compared to Oats. This also offers a smooth texture and a low-carb choice. Huel Black Edition also contains a small amount of organic coconut sugar and stevia, which naturally sweeten the beverage.

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A state-of-the-art facility in the UK produces Huel Powder, It is made in conformity with strict guidelines for food production.
Huel Powder has a shelf life of 12 months if it is not opened and if maintained in a dry, cold atmosphere, and kept out of direct sunlight. It’s easy to keep track because the pouch has a best before date printed on it.
If your pouch is open, it is three months. Simply reseal and keep out of direct sunlight in a dry and cool atmosphere.

Keep your Huel chilled for 24 hours after preparing it. Making breakfast the night before can save you time and it will also taste fantastic.

Available flavours: Salted Caramel, Banana, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee Caramel and Unflavoured. In the US, you can also get Peanut Butter flavoured Huel Black Edition.

Huel Black Edition
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